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Friday Faves – April 16, 2010

Some things I’ve been loving this week!

Aaron Watson – I had no idea who AWat was until last fall when the University hosted a homecoming concert featuring Aaron Watson and Eli Young Band. I was mostly excited for Eli Young because, but it turns out I became obsessed with Aaron, too. My best friend bought his live album and we seriously listen to it at least once a week!

Vera Bradley – I fell in love with Vera’s paisley purses a long time ago. I just couldn’t justify spending almost $50 for a purse. I’ve had a little ID holder that I carry around campus, and that alone cost like $15! One of my coworkers bought one a while back and hasn’t really used it since, so we did a little wheeling and dealing and I totally bought hers for $10. Bargain shopper? You better believe it!

Spring – A lot goes into this favorite, mostly because there’s a lot that comes with spring. The trees look beautiful, the grass is finally green again, it’s getting warmer, and RAIN. It poured last night, and although it was a pretty cold rain, it was still amazing. There is nothing like the sound of rain. Spring also brings around the end of school, calving season, and planting :)

Rodeo – This weekend is the UNL Rodeo, and guess where I’ll be? Well, who knows…I’ll probably be running all over the place! This afternoon was the slack, and there’s performances tonight, tomorrow afternoon and night. I’m so pumped. Words can’t even describe how much I love rodeos.

“Dirt, mud and dust, Bibles and beer. Outlaws, barbed wire, saddles and steers. It’s a simple life, Lord, it’s sacred ground. Hard times, high winds can’t bring us down in Cowboy Town.” -Brooks & Dunn.


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