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Last week and this upcoming week are probably the worst two weeks of my life. I’m in a multi-cultural education class, and part of the class’s requirements is volunteering hours. Now, before you judge me, I’m all for volunteering! I think it is a great thing to help others when you can.

However, what I’ve learned from this class is that when multiple classes of 35 students are required to volunteer (even classes in other departments require volunteering) it can be very difficult to find somewhere to volunteer. I had a couple options that both fell through for different reasons, so I was stuck. Without any volunteering hours.

The biggest problem about this is that the 20 required hours have to be spread out over 4 weeks. Not a big problem, right? Wrong! Since my first options fell through I didn’t know where to get hours. Once I finally found them, there was only 2 weeks left to get hours. So I’m going to lose points for that.

My whole point in this post is that I didn’t have any time last week, and this week is the same. My days are as follows: work, volunteer, class, work. Generally. I usually leave 7:40 or before, and don’t get home until 6 or later. I will be SO glad when this week is over.

Mostly because I have a lot of sessions coming up during dead week and finals week. So look for them. I’ll see you when my volunteering is through!


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