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Puck, Todd, & Copper

Last week, I was talking with a close friend of mine who is hoping to get engagement photos done before she leaves for Africa for the summer. I’m super pumped to do them. The problem? She hasn’t gotten the ring yet. So, while we wait for that day, we did a short session with her babies. I would tell you what kind of dogs they are, but I can’t remember all of them.

As it turns out, pet photography is a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I follow Emilee Fuss on facebook, and she makes it look so easy. Well, it’s not. I’m glad I got these shots. And I’ve had someone else offer to let me take photos of their dog. So maybe I’ll get more practice soon.

And maybe someday soon I’ll do a repeat of these three guys. For a first-time-ever thing, they’re not too bad. But I feel like I could do way better. I think from now on, any dog I’m photographing needs to be exercised for like four hours prior to the session. Wow, do they have energy.

Until then, enjoy!




**Edit** Kristen informed me that Puck is a Border Collie, Todd is a Basset Hound, and Copper is a Yellow Lab. For those of you who wanted to know :)


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