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Lincoln Portraits – Nick W

I can’t remember the first time I met Nick. Or what my first impression of him was. I probably thought he was a lunatic (because he is!). All I remember is that somehow he became my “favorite.” We lived in the same dorm our freshman year of college, and it was always fun to go over to the boys’ side and hang out with Nick. He became sort of like a confidant; we’d talk about everything.

After that first year, Nick moved off campus and our sophomore year we made it a point to have lunch together every Friday. I always looked forward to those. This past year, I think I saw him three times. Maybe. Next year, I’m going to make it a point to see him more. So for now, enjoy these photos from our session a week or two ago!

And just so you all know what I was working with, Nick is a theater major. So I had to deal with his maniacal laugh, crazy facial expressions, and overall silliness. But it’s okay. He makes me laugh!


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