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Friday Faves – May 21, 2010

So there hasn’t been a Friday Fave post in a LONG time. My bad.

Garden salad with chicken – I’m a terrible eater. In fact, I kinda live a terrible lifestyle. I’m not a fan of working out, and I love love love junk food. So, I’m pretty sure my cholesterol is through the roof, along with my blood pressure! So, in light of trying to eat healthier, I started eating salads more. It turns out it’s really simple: tear up a bunch of lettuce, add some spinach leaves (yum!), sprinkle a little cheese and some salad dressing and voila! A super yummy snack. I love to add hard boiled eggs and either baked or grilled chicken. Boil the eggs for 18 min and cool, and lightly season the chicken with Mrs. Dash and you’re good to go. Quick, easy, healthy, and really good!

Sherlock Holmes – I have to admit, about 25 minutes into this movie I was ready to turn it off. They talk fast, the plot is pretty thick and there’s a lot of characters to keep track of. Plus they do this weird thing where they show stuff out of order. But once you get past that and get to the end, all the loose ends are tied up so perfectly. I guarantee if I watch it a second time I’ll catch most of what I missed, but it was good. The relationship between Holmes and his partner are so great. I love it.

The Harry Potter series – Last summer I decided to read the whole series start to finish. I had only read up to the third book, but loved all the movies. So I started. And couldn’t put them down! Ask my roommates – I spent every waking moment reading. I just love to get lost in the story…sometimes I wish I could live at Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Hermione. If you’ve only seen the movies, I HIGHLY suggest going back and reading the books. There’s so much more to the books that the movies just can’t include. So. Amazing. I’m reading them again this summer :)

Photoshop actions – Now, I’m not sure how many photographers follow this blog (I know there’s only like 10 people who read it!), but I just made the incredible leap from Photoshop ELEMENTS 5.0 to Photoshop CS5. Did your jaw hit the floor? Mine’s been there for days. I dabbled in CS2 when I was in high school, but when I was graduating, we only had money to buy Elements. And it’s treated me well. Very well. BUT…Photoshop actions?!?!!?! I’m so in love. You’ll probably see blog posts with images quicker and more often because I won’t have to spend hours preparing the images! One click and it’s all done! Wow. I’m still in shock. And awe. And I haven’t even tried out the Content Aware yet! **And with all the raves about Photoshop, I’d say that Lightroom 2 is better for straight up editing raw photos. If you don’t have it, get it. You’ll save SO much time.

And because no post is complete without photos, here’s some behind the scenes photos from my evening escapade with my new tripod the other night. If you want to see the results, click here.

Happy Friday!


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