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Lincoln Portraits – Catie

Wow. I’m sitting here and I don’t even know how to begin this post. Did you ever have a friend growing up that you just couldn’t spend enough time together? Like every waking moment you were either talking to that person on the phone or hanging out in person? Well, Catie is that person in my life. We even live together and we can’t seem to spend enough time together.

She was lucky enough to have the day off of work yesterday, so when the weather was looking pretty overcast, I suggested heading outside for a fun session together while she was still in her Sunday clothes. All was well until we got to our location. It was noon. And SUNNY. Any of you photogs out there know that this is the absolute worst time of day to shoot. And it was. But we found some shaded areas and waited patiently for those few  moments when the sun would slip behind those glorious clouds.

And Catie rocked it. How do I live with someone so fabulous? It’s hard. But I love it :)

She just had to have a photo of her boots. Signed. By AARON WATSON. Yeah, he’s a big deal. At least to us (we’ve seen – and met – him 3 times!).

She calls this her “attitude” pose :)

Happy Monday!


2 responses

  1. Mama Sabata

    amazingly beautiful, I have a beautiful daughter inside and out!!!!!!!!!! I love you both.

    May 27, 2010 at 1:10 pm

  2. Marj Schab

    Catie smiles all of the time! Though, these are great pictures, the ones of her NOT smiling are truly smashing. They are something else………….


    May 27, 2010 at 1:28 pm

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