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Friday Faves – June 18, 2010

Pressed for time, as usual, I run out the door juggling my purse, phone, water bottle, and keys. I struggled to lock the door, and ran down the stairs and out the door of my apartment complex. The heat and humidity hit me the moment I stepped outside – just like it has for the past week or two.

I have to cross a somewhat main street (that runs east and west) to get to work. As I looked to the east before crossing, I noticed it looked really dark and ominous to the north, a big difference from the blue skies above my head. Disappointed that it wasn’t going to storm here, I kept walking.

Whoosh. Before I knew it, the sky was black, the wind was howling, and there was a chill in the air. And it takes me about ten minutes to walk to work. Which leads me into my first favorite…

Thunderstorms – I should probably mention that I’m not a super fanatic and although I desperately want to go storm chasing, I’m a scaredy-cat. But that doesn’t stop me from sitting out on the deck watching the storms roll through with my bestie while we have our devotion times. There’s just something about thunderstorms… :)

Brita Water Filters – Last summer I noticed when I’d drink water from our tap that there would be little things floating around in it. And, if the water wasn’t cold, it was disgusting. So the main item on my Christmas list: a Brita filter. And let me tell you, it is FAB-U-LOUS. Seriously, it filters the water in only a few minutes, and tastes amazing. I throw it in the fridge so the water is nice and cold (eliminating the need for the unfiltered ice cubes in the freezer), but even at room temperature it tastes great. Goodbye bottled water! :)

Only two today. But those two things have pretty much been a constant in my life lately. And just in case you were wondering what else I’ve been up to, here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come soon!


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