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Happy Independence Day!

I learned it from my best friend. See, there are just some things I don’t like to eat. But my BFF, she often times knows what’s really good for me even when I don’t. So she tricks me. And I hate it. Usually. But only deep down. Because by not telling me what’s in certain recipes, I’ll eat it and never know the difference.

Well, now, I’ve learned her ways. And I’m turning them on Corey. I was at the store yesterday and I found turkey sausages. TURKEY! Turkey meat is so yummy…I can’t tell a difference, especially if used in spaghetti or tacos, where there’s a lot of seasoning and flavor anyway. And it has way less fat than beef or pork.

So yesterday morning I served Corey eggs, pancakes, and turkey sausage for breakfast. He ate it all without one comment. So I asked him if he liked the sausage (because turns out, it has a different texture..), and he said it was okay. He knew it was turkey. But he also knew that it made me happy. And that’s why I love him. We spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, hanging out with my family, and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while watching fireworks in my hometown. It was a great night.

Happy Independence Day! Thank a service men for making this day possible :)


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