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Andrew & Megan – Lincoln Engagement

My blog tells me it’s been 15 days since I published a post. Fifteen?! Wow…time goes by fast when you’re on vacation. And when you get back from vaca and have to pack up and move to a new apartment. I only have time to write this because I have to sit here (from 8-12) and wait for the guy from the gas company to show up. I don’t even know what he has to do, but I was told to be home. So what else do you do sitting in a half empty, undecorated apartment? Blog, I guess!

Before my extended absence, I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Megan. And I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this couple. They’re so fun. The love between them just radiates. I couldn’t even dream up a better couple!

A big thing for Andrew’s family is restoring old tractors. They had about 5 different ones that we shot on and around!

Oh ya, they love cowboy boots :)

I’ll end with this one because I really think it shows their true personalities. I tell you, they are always laughing. Such a great thing :)


One response

  1. Megan

    All I can say is what a great looking couple :) Thanks for the fantastic pictures!!!

    July 29, 2010 at 10:07 am

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