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A Crazy Idea

Sometimes my roommate and I get crazy ideas. Most of them are normal and harmless, like chasing down an ice cream truck even though we’re both clearly out of our teens or deciding to go to a casino with $20 each to play the penny slots (both of which we still have yet to accomplish). But the one idea that we decided to go for was probably the craziest of them all:

We got a puppy.

This whole weekend we’ve been asking ourselves what we were thinking! We’re college kids! We don’t have time for responsibility like this, especially when it involves a living thing. I can’t even keep fish alive. Internet, I don’t joke.

So far, she’s been nothing but ornery. She’s too freaked out to eat, whines if I leave the room while she’s locked in her crate, and today I came home to a cardboard box ripped to shreds.

But Internet, I can’t describe how full my heart is when she rests her chin on my leg or when she curls up next to me on my bed. And tell me, how can you resist this face?


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