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Indiana Senior – Jenna

On my trip back to Ohio recently, I was totally blessed to photograph my cousin for her senior photos while they were in town from Indiana.

And you can’t tell me this girl isn’t gorgeous. She’s pretty much amazing. But what makes her even more awesome? She’s a runner. Cross country. That just blows me away, considering I can’t even run up the stairs to go fetch something from another room. In my book, she’s a superhero. Because she does it for fun.

We had some awesome locations for our session, and I have to give credit to the wind. That’s right, it was so windy we had to find really sheltered areas (and even that didn’t help sometimes), and the locations totally rocked…like an alleyway and the middle of the woods. I’m going to have to keep those ideas in the back of my mind for later days.

Didn’t I tell you she was gorgeous? I wish the Good Lord had blessed me with arms like hers! ;)

I told you Jenna was my cousin right? Well, technically her mom is my dad’s cousin. So I really have no idea what that makes us other than some form of cousins. But here’s our other cousin (Jenna’s first cousin – am I confusing you yet??), Katie, who joined in the fun! :)

Jenna wasn’t sure she could rock out the non-smiley look. Well, you did, girl!


2 responses

  1. David Ruffer

    I think you forgot that she is from Indiana. The shoot was in Ohio.

    August 12, 2010 at 8:31 pm

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