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The Kansas Desert

Remember being taught about deserts in elementary school? They always said that yes, while deserts were extremely hot in the daytime, they also got really cold at night when the sun went down. Here’s a secret: I never believed them! I couldn’t understand how that could even be possible. Because where I grew up, in the summer it was hot in the day and pretty hot at night, too.

Well, folks, I’ve now seen the light. No, I didn’t travel to some foreign desert (I’ve never been out of middle America!), but I just spent the last 4 days in the good old Kansas desert. We were up in the northwestern part of Kansas, and let me tell you. We got up really early in the morning, and brrrr! I was freezing until halfway through the morning when it got unbearably hot!

I guess I should have known. I learned about it in my soils class last year. Water slows down the heating/cooling process, so in a desert there’s nothing to slow it down, and the temperature can change so rapidly. In the mornings we’d wake up and it would be near 60 until the temperature rose to about 90 around lunchtime.

I can’t believe things can actually grow out here. But they do. And included in those plants that can grow are SAND BURRS. Also known as stickers. And they suck. (please forgive the image quality — these are from my enV2!)

But Kansas has the most breathtaking sky!

Happy Thursday!


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