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Overcome by Emotions

It’s Friday night. And all over the country, high school boys are suiting up and fighting their way to victory ten yards at a time. I didn’t really realize this until I was flipping through my favorite radio stations and the Columbus, NE station was broadcasting a local game. And then a feeling came over me.

The same feeling that came over me as I stood on the sidelines waiting for the halftime show. But what I found when I moved from Ohio to Nebraska, I found that no high school football compared to football at Alder. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the fans. Our fans were the best. Most away games we had more fans than the home team. Or maybe it was our players, and the winning records we always had. We were great.

So this football season, I hold onto my memories. And hope that, although I have some pretty high standards for schools to live up to, other students are making the same special memories.

And because I didn’t go to a game tonight, I went outside to shoot some nature stuff. I’m not highly convinced it was successful, but here they are anyway!

Have a good weekend! :)


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