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Lincoln Engagement – Adam+Katie

He’s my brother. Well, not biologically. But we’ve been figurative brother and sister for a while. So when he called me up with a secret plan, I was excited! Adam was planning on proposing to Katie, but wanted to do it while getting couples pictures done. That way, they could have awesome photos to remember it by.

I was so on board. We told Katie that I wanted some more practice (which is always true!). She was so excited she even went and go her nails done. We were planning on meeting up at the Sunken Gardens, but given there was a wedding going on, we went across the street to the other park to start out.

We then snuck around the wedding and got a couple shots in the Sunken Gardens.

Seriously, Katie, you rock that whole smiling-with-your-eyes thing.

Then we headed over to East Campus, because you can never go wrong there!

These two are my all time favorites from this session. And, quite possible, any session I’ve done.

And then he proposed!

Mmm, I love me some bling.

She’s gonna be a stunning bride!


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