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Reading glasses, migraines, and LSD

I get headaches. A lot. And not all of them are normal headaches.

When I was a child, probably third grade, my family went to the Ohio State Fair. While we were there, I started getting this weird thing going on with my eyes. I couldn’t see! There were these crazy, multicolored, zig-zag lines in the middle of my vision and it made me sick to my stomach. Like I was on LSD. No seriously, watch this video and it looked somewhat like that. Without the fun music.

My parents thought I was crazy. Dad took me into a building that was dark hoping to give me some relief. Well, it did. My vision came back, but a crazy awful headache came. It was so bad that when my parent offered me ice cream (I didn’t have to ask!) and I didn’t eat it, they knew something was wrong.

That instance came and went, and didn’t recur until fifth grade when I got two of these headaches in a row. Mom took me to the doctor and explained what I was experiencing was a case of classic migraines. And those LSD-like vision things, they had a medical name: aura.

So I’ve been a migraine sufferer all my life. I’ve stopped getting the classic migraines, with the dancing lines, but for the past 2 years I’ve been getting a different, milder kind, but annoying nevertheless. So today I saw an eye doctor for the first time in years. And I’m joining the ranks of those who need reading glasses and praying it solves some of my problems.

But I’ll be cool. Because they’re Armani glasses.

I took this photo a while back, and it’s so calm and peaceful. Enjoy!


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