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CASNR Homecoming Concert

Last Thursday night was the night I’d been waiting for since last spring. So much went into that night. Much more than booking a band, organizing the advertisement, etc.

There was so much more. We had to do a lot of research, including surveys of the students, and go in front of the council that organizes and funds campus events. Essentially we had to prove to them why East Campus needed this concert (which we shouldn’t have had to go to such lengths, but that’s another story altogether). A lot of heart and soul and emotions went into it (at least on the CASNR end). In the end, we got it. And it was a great time.

A big thanks to our Burr Hall guys who worked security for the event!

The John Hale Band opened and did an awesome job. I absolutely adored his boots.

Of course, Kelly Garrett and Hoss Michaels from KX96.9 were there to pass out free goodies!

And one of my favorite country artists ever, Lee Brice!

So technically, you’re not supposed to jump on people’s shoulders or crowd surf, but this is a pretty sweet photo..

I was most excited to photograph the concert because I.LOVE.LEE.BRICE, but it was also great because I was able to experiment with different types of flash. I definitely prefer the natural lighting, but it was fun to practice!

Lee was totally rocking a Nebraska shirt and glass! :)

Oh what a great night.


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