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Postcards from Hogsmeade

Today was the day. The start of my first quarter at the community college in town. It wasn’t really anything special, but after 3 years of classes at UNL, it shouldn’t be. What I did like was that the classes are small. My macroeconomics class has like 12 people in it. And my business law class has maybe 20. I do much better in these situations that with a class of 50. Hence the reason I’m not in the college of business at UNL.

I’m hoping these classes go well. I guess they should be better than Differential Equations, right?? Man, I look back on those classes and shake my head wondering what I was thinking.

On a different note, I got something in the mail today. But not just any something. A postcard! See, I have these two friends that live in FLORIDA. Can you feel the jealousy yet? No? Let me go on. They go to the beach probably at least once a week (if not more), never have to see it snow, and are surrounded by amazing amusement parks. I bet you’re starting the feel that green monster rising. And just a week or two ago, they went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. BAM. I’m so jealous I can’t even put it in words.

You may or may not know about my love for Harry Potter. Only last year did I read the series all the way through, and this summer I did it again. And depending on my work load for school, I might jump back into it again. And you can forget about the movies – so terrible compared to the books. I boycotted buying the 6th movie for quite a while after seeing it in the theater, but just recently gave it a second chance. Long story short, I cringed in pain the whole time. Nothing was the same, and that makes me mad. Obsession? Maybe.

Anyway, so they got to go into the Three Broomsticks and drink butterbeer and do all sorts of other things. I don’t really know what else is there because all I know came from facebook, but it’s probably best I don’t know. Or I might turn into the Hulk. A huge green raging monster of jealousy. But the girls were SO SWEET. They sent me a postcard from Hogsmeade. Love it. I’m currently planning my trip to go down there because I HAVE TO GO THERE.

And just a disclaimer, I’m not a huge freak (most of the time). If you enjoyed the movies, please read the books. And if you’ve read the first 3 or 4, keep going!! The story only gets better from there. I’m serious. Give them a try. And I really didn’t plan on this post being so long, but that’s okay.

Happy reading, and happy Monday!


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