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Tough Decisions

I’ve been in the market for a while. It was definitely time for an addition to my gear! The problem? I’m a terrible decision maker! Just ask my buddy Rik Andes. (I’m sorry, Rik, for all the crazy questions I asked over and over!)

Anyway. For a while I thought I was going to get the Canon 85mm 1.8. I love the effect it creates and I am just so jealous of them. Well then I thought I wanted the Tamron 28-75 2.8. I rented it for the CASNR Homecoming Concert and definitely loved it. So why not? It would give me access to a wide angle focal length as well as a portrait. Well, then I decided I really just wanted 85. And I made up my mind.

Or so I thought. Until I heard about the Canon 100mm 2.8. It’s a macro lens. Which, in layman’s terms (and probably not at all technically correct) means that you can focus on things that are super close to the lens. Ya, I just butchered that explanation, but whatever. So I thought, hey! This would be awesome to use for my Nebraska Collection! But, a lot of photographers, including Rik, also use it for portraits, because essentially it will have about the same effect as the 85. But I also have to option to shoot macro photography. So I went for it, folks. With hardly any thought, I figured I had gone back and forth enough and just needed to go with SOMETHING. Both the 85 and the 100 are great options,but the 100 pretty much doubles as two lenses. :)

So here it is, friends. My new beauty. I will for sure be testing it out on an engagement session tomorrow, and will most likely get some nature stuff going as well. Yay!!


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