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Who Needs Friends?

My dog has a problem. With other dogs. She’s kinda snooty. Or just plain scared. I took her to the dog park yesterday and it took well over an hour before she would even go near another dog. If one looked at her she would freeze. And if it would come near her? She’d either cower and run away or BITE AT THEM! But I just don’t understand why. I take her out to Corey’s parents’ farm where they have 3 dogs, and she gets along just fine! She’s even buddy-buddy with their youngest Aussie. So why can’t she realize that the other dogs are just the same and simply want to PLAY?!

Hopefully it will get better the more times we go. After all, in the end she was following some of them around and running with them. We’ll see. She can be quite fickle. But she definitely needs some socialization. And a bath.

Happy Wednesday!


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