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Abstract Nature

Photographers are often asked to “define their style.” I’ve never really been a fan of this question because I don’t know that you can always describe your style using words. Besides, I really believe that the images themselves should be enough to answer that question. However, when it comes to the nature stuff I’ve been shooting, I’ve noticed a running theme: abstraction.

Is that a word?? Maybe not in the way I’m intending. But I’m finding that (with my new lens, of course) I’m absolutely loving getting in close and throwing all but a tiny piece of the subject out of focus. Why? Maybe because I’m obsessed with bokeh (blurring in an image). I don’t know. But I know that I love the feel for these images even if you can’t necessarily tell what they are.

And I’m not a plant expert, so you probably shouldn’t ever expect names for things ;)

Happy Sunday!


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