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The End of Day One

You might recall me saying yesterday that I was bound and determined to change my ways and live a more organized life. Well, friends, I’m glad you’re keeping me accountable. I hit the stores (mostly Target) in search of the perfect organizational tools. I got one of those sweet fabric hanging shelves things (this one actually) and had to take it back. It was so awful. The review that I just now saw on it is totally right. Most floppy thing ever. Frustrated, I went back and browsed their closet furniture, and decided to splurge a little and get this sweet guy. Let me tell you, I love putting furniture together at 10:30pm. Wooot!

I’m still nowhere near my goal, but I made significant progress yesterday and hope to finish today! Cross your fingers, and expect some photos along the way!

See my sweet new shelves?

I know it doesn’t look like I accomplished anything, but voila! My bed is cleared and most of my clothes are put away!! Oh, and I got flannel sheets. I love flannel. And for those of you who don’t know, flannel is the material, plaid is the pattern. :)

Happy Wednesday!


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