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The Little Things

Corey, will you please go to the store and get some milk?! He’d already been there once before he came over yesterday morning. See, I bribed him to come over with breakfast. It’s pretty much the only thing I can cook. But when I asked him to come, I asked him to stop at the store to get breakfast sausage. Because, really, you can’t have breakfast without sausage.

So he showed up with the sausage and I got the pancake mix out and was getting all the ingredients around. And the milk was spoiled. So I gave him the sad face and asked again. Pretty please?

Needless to say he wasn’t thrilled about it, since he was already comfortable on the couch watching football. But he obliged. And when he returned, he brought me flowers. Sigh. My heart melted.

And for the record, the breakfast turned out great. After we had the milk! Happy Sunday!


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