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Product Spotlight: Leather Accordion Albums

I’m super excited to finally show you some photos of a new product that will be offered in 2011! Basically, I wanted a super easy way for seniors, couples, parents, and basically everyone to show off their photos. And these albums are just that. And super amazing. They measure 2.5″x3.5″, and will fit into even the smallest purse or pocket.

I just love the chocolate alligator leather cover! Also available is red alligator, and black, red, and chocolate premium leather.

The front and back cover have magnets inside to keep the album closed and protected.

The front panel is customizable with 4-8 images, depending on photo orientation.

The back panel can hold 3-6 images.

They also come with a frosted slip cover, allowing you to throw the album into your backpack, purse, or pretty much anywhere!

These albums are available for any session, and are seriously perfect for anyone. Seniors to brag about at school. Parents to dote about their children. Or even as parent albums from a wedding or thank-you gifts for bridal parties.

Happy Monday!


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