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Fear, Networking, and Progress

I’m making progress. It’s a scary thing. Definitely out of my comfort zone. But it will pay off soon enough.

A few weeks ago when Corey was in town visiting, we got to talking about my fears and stress about starting this business. I told him how I want to get into the wedding industry so bad but I feel like I’m in this never ending circle of no experience -> so no portfolio -> so no clients -> so no experience and so on. So we started brainstorming ideas about how to get out of this rut. We decided the best thing is to start second shooting hard core. The problem is, the only photographers I really know are located in Kansas and Texas! Hmm… no a whole lot of opportunity there without lots of travel. (Which, by the way, I’m second shooting two weddings in Kansas with Rik Andes this spring. Stoked!) So, Corey pointed out the obvious, a fact I knew but was scared of.

I have to meet photographers in the area.

As in, people in Lincoln and Omaha. People that might not want to help me because I’m in their area. Why would someone want to help me? Or meet me for that matter? I’m not all that cool of a person. Luckily, or thankfully is more the term, two things happened. I was assigned a paper for my Intro to Entrepreneurship class in which I have to interview a successful entrepreneur. So I emailed Allison Garrett, totally fearing the worst, because really, who cares about a college kid’s paper? But guess what, she totally rocks! And we’re meeting up this week or next. And I’m so excited. The second cool thing was that I got connected with Anna Lynch McClary. We’d had some previous contact on her Facebook page, but now we’re maybe going to get coffee sometime to chat! Well, I don’t drink coffee, so I might have juice or soda (which my roommate says is totally lame), but you get the point. I hope it works out.

So. I have no idea where any of this will lead me. But I’m so stoked to have opportunities to meet successful photographers in the area. Because really, life is better with friends who share the same passion as you. I hope we can become friends. That would be great.

I was also able to give out my first business card today! I was so happy! I hoping to have lots more opportunities, mostly because that gives me an excuse to order more (I only started with 50!). If you want one, or know of someone who should have one, feel free to drop me a line at If not, that’s okay. I like to look at them.

Happy Monday!


One response

  1. Yo! I didn’t know you were shooting two weddings with Rik! That’s awesome! Both in KS???

    btw, I don’t drink coffee either. So on those meetings I either get a chai tea latte or a smoothie. Tell your roomie that it is NOT lame. =)

    January 28, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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