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Feelings of Success, But Mostly Just Coldness

First of all, I’m SO EXCITED that I had so many blog hits yesterday! I am not entirely sure where they came from, but I love it! Total page hits were 117 with 52 of those on the For Photographers page. And not only that, but there were 95 links clicked from the resource page. Wow! I can’t even tell you how excited that makes me feel. I hope you think it’s good stuff to read and that you’re learning helpful stuff!! :)

And, if you have articles to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments section, on my Facebook Page, or send me an email. I’m constantly looking for new things to add, but would love your help! And if you like what’s there, spread the word. There’s nothing greater than helping other people!

So, yesterday we had an ice storm of sorts. It was exciting. Not. I had to scrape my pickup FOUR times. Not fun. But I did learn a fun trick. Bring a towel or sheet with you and drape it over your windows. Then you just have to pull that off and a lot less scraping. I haven’t tried this trick, but I’m definitely going to!

So, I braved the ice, pulled on my Carhartt (ok, ok, they’re off brand!) bibs and coat, and went out to get some fun shots. Here are some of my favorite. Enjoy :)

Happy Tuesday! I got a snow day from class!


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