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Double Diamond Ranch – Blair, NE

On Tuesday, my roommate and I got the heck out of dodge. Well, okay, mostly just outside of city limits, busy streets, and the constant hum of traffic. We needed some air. Catie is an equine major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and got in contact with Scott at Double Diamond Ranch in Blair, Nebraska. He ropes with Corey’s folks at clinics and competitions and has a huge ranch where he breeds and raises Azteca horses.

Catie thinks she wants to get into breeding and foaling and the like, so we went out there to watch him do his thing. It’s pretty amazing. And horses are just simply beautiful. I couldn’t tell you everything he talked about, as I’m not as much of a horse person as Catie, but it was great to watch him work. Oh, and I got a few photos, too.

Those are their two cattle dogs, Buster and Abby. They were hilarious to watch. Very eager to round up the filly.

Happy Thursday!


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