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To Prove It’s Really Me

I was digging through my roommate’s camera cards the other day, looking at some of the photos she had, and I found this little behind-the-scenes photo she took during the Kollar’s family session. I’m not really sure why I felt the need to blog about it, other than to prove, for whatever reason, that it’s really me behind the lens! And I think it’s somewhat hilarious that I’m sitting in the middle of the street. I grew up in the country, and always played in the road, so I guess whatever it takes to get the shot! Which, in this case, was totally worth it!

Also, it was somewhat chilly that afternoon, hence the plaid. That’s one of my favorite shirts because I can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath of it and be really warm without having a lot of bulk. It’s great. But really, I just love plaid. I should also give a HUGE shout out to Shootsac, the greatest lens bag in the world. Holy cow, how I love that thing. I can’t wait to get a cute cover for it. Maybe a plaid one.


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