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Product Spotlight: Mounted Prints

When I first started printing for clients, I knew I wanted to give them something of quality for less. Because really, great photography can be expensive, and cheap photography isn’t always good. But the prints were only so-so quality, and I felt that there wasn’t a whole lot that differentiated them from the prints one could get at discount retailers like Walmart or Walgreens. I know the difference – color corrected monitor that’s in line with the color profiles of my print lab – but I wasn’t sure it was something that clients really thought about. Or truly understood what that meant.

So I wanted to step up the quality of the prints. A friend of mine from a summer job had her daughter’s senior photos taken from a photographer who mounted all of the prints on matboard. My friend LOVED that they did that, because the photos are sturdier and just feel nicer in your hands. So I decided to start mounting all of my prints also. Not just the 8x10s and up, but all of them. Well, except wallets, but I think you can see the problem one might run into with that. :)

This is an 8×12 image. It has the same ratio as what my camera creates, so there’s no loss of any part of the image. I love that because I naturally frame the image in camera – I hardly ever crop!

All images ordered, regardless of size (again, except wallets), have this awesome feature. The photographic print is mounted onto matboard – a fiber-based board around 1mm thick. It adds so much durability to the print while still allowing it to fit into virtually any frame or stand on its own on an easel.

The greatest part about the matboard is that the print is nearly impossible to bed. That’s always one of my biggest worry with photo paper. This totally eliminates that problem, and gives you a product that is quite unique!


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