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The Power of a Mother

It’s quite amazing to me the natural abilities that mothers have. When I was a child, my mama could almost always tell when something was wrong. Of course, I was the biggest whiner in all of time, so that might have had something to do with it, but still. She just knew. There was one time I was mowing the yard with our Ford tractor and I kinda sorta ran it into a tree. Don’t ask. It was more like caught the side of the tire on the tree while trying to go around/under it. Anyway, she heard the collision, which threw me into the gigantic metal steering wheel (and bruised me up pretty good!) and came running out. I was terrified, hurting and crying, and she helped me to the house and held me while she patched me up.

While I am not a mother (or even mother-to-be I should clarify!) yet, my puppy has been teaching me things and making me realize natural instincts that I have. Like the one where you know something is up when it all of a sudden gets really quiet in the house. Yep, that happens with puppies, especially mine. Or learning their “schedule” for needing to go outside. Who knew that one day I would have to keep track of things like that!

The biggest realization I’ve had so far happened this morning. At 5am. I was supposed to be sleeping because, hello, it is my day off. But Sage was barking, which is unusual for the most part, but the past few days she’s been worse about it. I had to get out of bed once to shush her, but then when I went back to sleep, I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming she was barking or if she really was barking.

Rachel. My eyes flew open as Catie woke me up. The dog has puked like three times in the last half hour!

Enter panic mode. Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I’m the ultimate hypochondriac. This problematic behavior continues when someone else I’m close to is sick. PS – I’m starting to learn NOT to google things. I swear, every other day I have a different terminal disease. We sat with her in the kitchen for a while to see if she threw up again, which she didn’t, and eventually went back to bed. This time, I shut off my fan and kept my door open to hear in case her condition worsened. What was incredible to me was how I could be half asleep and yet completely in tune to every noise coming from the kitchen. She has two tags on her collar that jingle every time she moves, and I would snap out of my sleep mode and actively listen anytime I heard a jingle. Or a pitter-patter of her paws.

And then I realized, once I become a mother for real, I’m never getting any sleep.


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