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UNL Alpha Gamma Rho Pink Rose Formal

I wanted to be creative.

Saturday was UNL Alpha Gamma Rho’s annual Pink Rose formal. It was our third Pink Rose together. His first as an alumnus. I was excited. And I wanted to be creative. So I gathered my things for detail shots. To document the day. The occasion. But then I realized how hard it really is to style detail shots. Especially with my ghetto-fab apartment in all its wooden glory. Note to self: wood doesn’t really match well with black. Especially dark wood.

Muchos gracias to my sister for letting me borrow her dress. I absolutely loved it!

I guess boys don’t need very long to get ready. Ridiculous!

Gotta show the outtakes. You think after napping all day this kid would have some energy. Apparently not. PS – that’s the end of a yawn. I hope he doesn’t kill me for posting this!

So, for Pink Rose, they’re typically a social hour, dinner, entertainment, and then a dance. Well, this year, they decided to skip the entertainment and I think it ended up being a really good decision. It allowed for more time for the alumni to chat and catch up. Corey’s good friends (who graduated before him) were all busy and decided not to go to Pink Rose, so we ended up skipping the dinner and heading out to Ticos for dinner for the two of us. It was pretty darn good. Then we hopped back in the pickup and headed over to the Embassy Suites for the party! I took Catie’s point-and-shoot camera instead of my SLR just to minimize the bulk. Of course, I didn’t even take it into the hotel! What kind of photographer am I?!

So, those pretty shoes at the beginning of this post? I COULDN’T WALK IN THEM. As in, my toes were scrunched but my heels would slip out of the back every step. They weren’t flexible at all. So we made a stop at Target. These were much more comfortable. I even had some random old guy at the bar while we were getting our drinks ask if my feet hurt. He said, “Normally I see a pretty girl in a dress like that and she has high heels on.” Yep. I’m apparently not normal. Oh well. I own it.

(PS – do you see my GOOSEBUMPS? I was so cold all night! Why do men get to wear jackets??)

After all was said and done, we were hungry. So we stopped by the Jimmy John’s drive thru on the way home. I’m pretty sure that’s the latest I’ve ever gotten JJ. Or fast food in general. Let’s be honest, I like to go to bed by 10. Party animal right here!

We had such a great time. We laughed. We danced. We laughed some more. I tried a new drink (for those of you who know me personally, this is a HUGE deal because I dislike alcohol for the most part) – cotton candy vodka and sprite – and loved it. We belted out “I got a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night”, “Sing us a song, you’re the piano man”, and “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”. We did the Mambo No. 5, Cupid’s Shuffle, and swing danced to Fishin’ in the Dark.

It was a great night. And above all, I got to spend it with him.


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