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Trying Out Freelensing

Not too long ago I came across an article talking about freelensing. I thought it sounded like a cool idea, especially because, when used in moderation, I love the look a tilt-shift lens creates, and freelensing attempts to duplicate it. Obviously, it can’t do everything a tilt-shift lens does or there wouldn’t be a need for those specific types of lenses. Basically, the lens is not attached to the camera, allowing you to tilt the lens. This ends up changing the plane of focus, so it is diagonal and not what one would normally assume it would be. So the images that freelensing yield a dreamy feel to them.

I have really only figured this out for things that are close to the lens. Put distance between the subject and the camera and I can’t get the look I want. So who knows. I’ll keep practicing though :)

With the lens attached, the whole branch would be in focus with the building completely out of focus. But notice how the left end of the branch is in focus, with the building in focus in the top left corner of the frame. Then everything falls out of focus as you move right through the frame.

Similarly, look at the image on the right. Notice how at the bottom of the image, the grass behind the tree is in focus. Then as you move up, the tree comes into focus, and then as you keep moving up the image everything else falls out of focus.

This next is an extreme example, and is not to my taste, but I think it really shows the effects of the image perfect. As a straight on shot, if taken normally, her whole face should be in focus, and anything closer or further from the camera would fall out of focus.

These next two are more how I would use this effect. Our eyes are naturally attracted to what is in focus, so it’s easy to throw things out of focus that might not have otherwise been out of focus.

Happy Monday!


One response

  1. Ben

    What a great idea Rachel, I’ll incorporate freelensing into my art photography.


    March 21, 2011 at 3:27 pm

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