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Shoot Less, Shoot More

Sometimes I get this weird desire to shoot film. I haven’t shot film since I was a kid. And even then, I only had point and shoot film cameras. I’ve never shot a film SLR. But I wish I could. I’ve even seriously considered getting one of those fancy new Polaroid instant cameras. Because I want to shoot more day-to-day life. I’m so terrible at that.

There’s something about the look and feel of film images – I just love them. But more importantly, film forces you (well, me!) to get everything right in-camera or it’s wasted money. That’s the thing about digital. I can shoot until my heart is content. But that also allows me to make mistakes. Mistakes I shouldn’t make. Simple exposure mistakes. And then I’ve got two or three shots that are not properly exposed, and only one good shot. It gets overwhelming in post and then I let the images sit there. Forgotten. Like how it took me half a year to go through the images from my trip to Ohio last summer. Ridiculous. Isn’t digital supposed to make things easier, not to mention, faster?

So my goal? Besides printing more of my images (which I haven’t done yet), is to shoot less. Less frames, better shots. Less mistakes. But I really need to shoot more. More of life. More of family. More of happiness.

Shoot less. Shoot more.

And try my hand at some film photography (thanks to my auntie).


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