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Good Morning, Brain

This morning I woke up with a headache. Well, I call it a headache, but really it’s a migraine. Not a full-fledged, lose-your-vision type migraine, but a migraine nonetheless. I hate waking up to a hurting brain. Sleep is supposed to regenerate you, not make you hurt more (the same can be said for my back!).

But there are things that I love in the morning:

Migraine medicine.
Scrambled eggs with cheese.
My puppy’s need for playing with her squeaky ball.
A fresh start at a new day.
Warm sunshine.

The picture above is thanks to my trusty (most of the time) Droid, with some slight cross-processing in PS. Sometimes that phone drives me bonkers, but other times, it completely amazes me. This morning, I’m focusing on the positive. Not the negative (like the test I have in an hour that I haven’t studied for!).

Happy Tuesday! Hope you focus on the positives today, also! :)


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