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Deep, Dark Canyons

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had a meltdown. Which, really, isn’t that uncommon lately. Trying to start a business is kind of ridiculous at times. Like a roller coaster. Like this quote from Jeffry Timmons that I found in one of my textbooks: An entrepreneur is anyone who wants to experience the deep, dark canyons of uncertainty and ambiguity, and wants to walk the breathtaking highlands of success. But I caution: do not plan to walk the later until you have experienced the former.

Yep, yesterday was big, dark cave.

So I went for a long walk. To clear my head and focus on things other than my problems. Like God’s beautiful creations. Spring.

And then, randomly, last night I had a dream. That I was in Manhattan with Chris and Brandi (of La Brisa Photography) at the beach. Like, the ocean. Yep. In Manhattan, Kansas. I think I’ve just been thinking a lot about how I’m excited to shoot a couple weddings with them this summer (and Rik Andes Photography, too!). And the ocean part, well, I just really want to visit the ocean.

Happy Wednesday!


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