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Blair High School: Prom 2011

I’ve realized my baby sister makes appearances on my blog quite often. The reason? I’m so incredibly proud of her. She’s grown into a beautiful woman, and I’m so happy to call her my sister.

Saturday night she attended her senior prom. When she stepped into her dress, I about lost it. Where has the time gone? I still remember pushing her around in laundry baskets for fun. Now she’s about to enter a new chapter in her life. Wow.

Abby got ready at our house with a few friends. Her beautiful hair was done by the mom of one of her good friends, and I absolutely LOVE the flower.

I was most impressed with how my sister coordinated everything. Her hairpiece, the boutineer, and her corsage complimented each other perfectly.

I was never good at putting on the boutineers, and Abby had some trouble, too. Maybe it runs in the family? Mom had to jump in and save the day. Note to self: learn how to pin a boutineer.

Yep, they got a limo. Let me be the first to say that I was jealous. I never got to ride in a limo for prom. I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat in a limo! Another note to self: add that to the bucket list.

Abby, you are gorgeous. Beautiful on the inside and the outside. I love you. I hope your night was everything you ever dreamed it to be.


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