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Let’s Be Thankful…

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to have a thankful heart. One of my new personal projects is called “I’m thankful for…” I saw another photographer start it (which she got it from another photographer, too) and decided I needed to be a little more positive in life. So a couple times a week, I post a photo of something I’m thankful for. The images are pretty much all from my Droid 2, edited with my handy dandy new app, LittlePhoto. If you’re running an Android phone and are lusting after Instagram (me!), this will suit you pretty well!

So what have I been thankful for lately?

My pup.

Cheap Iowa gas.

Sunshine + warmth.

Time with my man.

Take some time today and think about what you’re thankful for. Life is too short to focus on the negatives!


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