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Monday Randomness

It’s Monday. Normally, I don’t hate Mondays other than the fact that I have to wake up earlier than I’d prefer. But this Monday is different. I’m so in over my head today and tomorrow with homework. It seems like every class has its final assignments due tonight and tomorrow. The worst part? I have to work all day today and go to a chiropractor appointment after work at 5 (which I’m still not sure if it’s helping or not…).

Normally things slow down in the summer, but my life has only sped up. I’ve shot three weddings so far, tired endlessly over the end of the quarter, and have most unsuccessfully tried to find time to sleep. I’ve been running on empty for a while.

But even with all that’s going on, I still try to get out and shoot. There’s three weddings in my queue to edit, and I can’t wait to blog them! Next week I will definitely have more time. I’m also still trying to challenge myself by shooting in different ways than I usually do. Being predictable is overrated.

Here are two different perspectives that I don’t normally try: looking straight down and looking up at something. Not sure that I rocked either of them, but at least I tried something new.

Happy Monday! I’ll be back in full swing soon!


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