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Watching People Have Fun

At the reception for yesterday’s wedding, one of the guys from the bridal party came up to me while I was photographing the wine bottles that were to be used for toasting. As wedding photographers, we always get detail shots like that, but I was overly excited about this one. They were toasting with BOONE’S FARM.

The usher was interested in why I would photograph a wine bottle. I explained that we always get detail shots, but I especially wanted to document this because although I’m not a huge fan of alcohol – or wine for that matter – Boone’s Farm is the best. Then I quickly added that I wasn’t a party animal. Why? I don’t know. But I wanted to put my foot in my mouth for acting like someone with a guilty conscience.

The usher’s response?

“So, you’re not a party animal, but you spend every weekend shooting weddings where it’s a constant party all the time?”

I wasn’t sure where the conversation was going but told him I liked photographing people having fun and enjoying themselves with family and friends. Unsatisfied with that answer, he raised his eyebrow. “You have fun watching people have fun? Come on, seriously, what do you like to do to have fun?”

I insisted that this was fun to me. Shooting weddings. Rik (who I was assisting) proceeded over to enlist my help for something, and the usher walked away. But the strange conversation left me thinking. Above all the traveling, editing, early mornings and late nights, yes. I have fun shooting weddings. I love the love that is radiating from everyone. The happiness. And all day I find myself smiling as I watch two families become joined together in a big celebration. Full of laughter, kisses, and Boone’s Farm.


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