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Whoa, Nice Camera!

I’m sure just about every photographer has heard that meant-to-be compliment of, “That’s a nice camera! I bet it takes awesome pictures.”

Or how about when someone is looking through your images and says, “These are great! It sure helps to have a fancy camera.”

I never quite know what to say in those situations. It’s such a hard thing to explain in a couple sentences how it’s more about the photographer’s creativity and vision than it is about the gear. Yet so many people don’t believe, or understand, that. The SLR Lounge created a super fun video, and went even further than the F-Stoppers, to prove that, yes! It is!


You can see the before and after images here.

Thanks to Rik Andes for posting this on Facebook. Now, who wants to go out and try this at home??


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