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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Remember Jennifer Lopez’s movie The Wedding Planner? It’s like 10 years old, but I still think it’s one of the coolest movies ever. Anyway, in the movie, she has a ridiculous amount of “emergency” items for every possible worst case scenario that could happen at a wedding. Well, given that ever since I saw the movie I wanted to be JUST LIKE HER – and the fact that I’ve come across a few instances where it would have been helpful – I decided to make up my own little emergency kit for weddings.

I can’t take credit for this entire idea, as someone on a forum I’m a part of started the topic a while back. So I combined a lot of input from photographers, as well as completely raiding the travel section at Target (I love the travel section), to come up with what I’ve got. I’ve had it for two weddings now and have used it at both so far.

I got a cute, simple makeup bag (also from Target) to hold everything. This little bag fits perfectly into the front section of my Canon backpack.

This little kit packs a punch. It easily holds all of this.

Packed inside is:
– Lint roller
– Kleenex
– Mini first aid kit
– Hand lotion
– Bug repellent (I was skeptical about it, but I’ve already used it!)
– Sunscreen
– Clear mascara (to tame wild hairs quickly)
– Straight pins (for boutineers)
– Nail file
– Tide To Go pen
– Advil
– Visine
– Breath mints
– Compact mirror
– Bobby pins (in two colors to better blend in with hair)
– Wisps
– Safety pins

And, by standing some of the things up in the bag, it all fits perfectly.

I know I may never be fully prepared to take on every crisis that may occur, but I just love to be helpful and have some of the common things on hand to make the day run a little smoother. Happy Thursday!


One response

  1. Dave

    Just forgot the shot glass of whiskey. :P
    Uncle Dave

    June 23, 2011 at 9:41 am

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