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Missouri River Flooding 2011: Blair, NE + Highway 30

Over the holiday weekend, aside from celebrating with fireworks, Corey and I took a drive north of Blair to check out some of the flooding on the Missouri River. It was a lot worse than I had imagined.

This is the very north side of Blair, and as you can see, the Missouri River has turned into the Missouri Lake. You’re not even supposed to be able to see the river from here.

See the big railroad bridge in the top right corner? That’s where the river actually runs. And that’s a long way away.

What was under water in the first photo were fields. This whole thing sucks because that water will be there for quite a long time. The farmers will be fighting this forever.

There’s a road under there somewhere…

This is Highway 30. They’ve got these bags of rock running up and down the road because Hwy 30 connects Blair to Missouri Valley, Iowa. They’re really trying to do everything they can to keep it open. But the smell is awful. We figure there must be a hog farm nearby that got flooded because all you smell driving down 30 is waste.

I didn’t take a whole lot of images because from the ground, it’s hard to capture the essence of it all. Looking back, a panoramic shot would have maybe worked, but it’s really the aerial shots that put everything into perspective.


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