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Remembering the Courage: 9/11 Ten Years Later

I wasn’t originally going to blog about 9/11. What did I have to say that hadn’t already been said. Of course I was shocked. Of course I was scared. To say I wasn’t would be a lie. I was afraid to ride the bus home from school that day and to wait at home alone until my parents got back from work. I was afraid to go to sleep that night, because I kept hearing noises outside and imagined us being under attack again. In rural Ohio. Yep. I was that scared.

My story is about like everyone else’s story, aside from those who lost loved ones on that terrible day.

As I was skimming my news feed today, however, a Time article caught my eye. It featured “unpublished photos” by James Nachtwey. I can’t pretend that I knew who he was before this article, but his work is really something. James was in NYC that Tuesday, coming back from a trip to France. Once he realized what was happening, he grabbed his camera and headed towards the towers, while everyone else was running away from them.

That kind of courage stops me in my tracks. If something happened in Lincoln, would I have the courage to do what James did? He says he wasn’t really thinking anything except, “Do your job.” I wonder what my instinct would tell me? Would I risk my life to do my job? To photograph the unthinkable?

Just something to think about.

The Blue Angels were in town this weekend, and I was lucky enough to attend on Saturday. It was quite something to see them flying over the whole city. And a great way to honor those brave souls we lost ten years ago.


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