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Lincoln Engagement – Wayne+Michelle

The first time I met Wayne was my freshman year of college when a group of mutual friends were going country swing dancing. But the weird part is that Wayne doesn’t really like to dance. We ended up becoming friends throughout college, and my best friend and I actually moved into Wayne and his brothers’ old apartment when they got a house. Fast forward a couple summers and Wayne came to visit me at work. It was totally random, because he wasn’t in the area, but he had a purpose. He brought Michelle. He’d told me a bit about her before, like how she was a country girl and loved to do the same things he did, and how much he just loved spending time with her. And apparently he wanted me to meet her. I don’t remember many of the details, but I remember she was tall, tan and cute, and that it was kinda the most random visit ever.

Fast forward again to a couple months ago. Both Wayne and I had gotten busy with life and hadn’t talked much. But Wayne was engaged. Now, for us who knew Wayne, this was a big deal! He told me once, completely serious, that he wasn’t going to settle down until he was thirty. Needless to say, we were all shocked. Michelle has these qualities about her that I can’t even put into words. She’s fun, goofy, and everything that Wayne needs. The peanut butter to his jelly. Seriously. And somehow, from day one, Wayne knew she was the one. They are so comfortable with each other. She knows when, like most men, he needs his space, and he knows just how to make her giggle. Now that’s love.

I’m so excited to photograph Wayne and Michelle’s wedding in July in Orleans, NE. I just love the love these two have for each other and I know it’s going to be a day I won’t soon forget.

The lives of these two completely revolve around Wayne’s family farm. So what better place for engagement photos than, hello?? THE FARM! And I happily obliged because this is a green family, and I just love me some John Deere. :)

Can we say gorgeous?

Thank God for harvest.

Then we went out to this sweet old hay barn on Wayne’s property. It used to also house livestock, but they’ve since stuck with just farming.

It should be noted that this was NOT prompted. I asked them to hold hands, and as I was looking up from my camera settings, I saw this happening. Have I ever told you that I LOVE LOVE??

Oh my gosh, Michelle. Your fierceness and beauty kill me.

I had mentioned that I really wanted to get a photo of them in a grassy field, and we passed a few while driving around that would have been sufficient. But Wayne was determined to come to this one. And, friends, I am SO THANKFUL. These photos completely blow my mind every time I look at them.

I totally love these two because I think they capture how much Michelle adores Wayne. We were wrapping up in the field and I happened to glance up and she was just hugging him. All at once now… awwwww!

A week or two ago, we headed to Pawnee Park to get a few photographs because that’s where Wayne proposed. While they were fishing. And I absolutely love when clients choose locations that mean something to them, so I couldn’t refuse.

I would say this one is my favorite, but that’s really not fair. I seriously can’t choose a single favorite. There’s no way.

Wayne and Michelle, thank you for being so fabulous. Seriously, I can’t keep the smile off my face when I look through these photos. You both have such a special place in my heart, and I’m so grateful for your belief in me. It means more than you know. XOXO :)

Happy Tuesday!


Lincoln Engagement – Adam+Katie

He’s my brother. Well, not biologically. But we’ve been figurative brother and sister for a while. So when he called me up with a secret plan, I was excited! Adam was planning on proposing to Katie, but wanted to do it while getting couples pictures done. That way, they could have awesome photos to remember it by.

I was so on board. We told Katie that I wanted some more practice (which is always true!). She was so excited she even went and go her nails done. We were planning on meeting up at the Sunken Gardens, but given there was a wedding going on, we went across the street to the other park to start out.

We then snuck around the wedding and got a couple shots in the Sunken Gardens.

Seriously, Katie, you rock that whole smiling-with-your-eyes thing.

Then we headed over to East Campus, because you can never go wrong there!

These two are my all time favorites from this session. And, quite possible, any session I’ve done.

And then he proposed!

Mmm, I love me some bling.

She’s gonna be a stunning bride!

Andrew & Megan – Lincoln Engagement

My blog tells me it’s been 15 days since I published a post. Fifteen?! Wow…time goes by fast when you’re on vacation. And when you get back from vaca and have to pack up and move to a new apartment. I only have time to write this because I have to sit here (from 8-12) and wait for the guy from the gas company to show up. I don’t even know what he has to do, but I was told to be home. So what else do you do sitting in a half empty, undecorated apartment? Blog, I guess!

Before my extended absence, I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Megan. And I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this couple. They’re so fun. The love between them just radiates. I couldn’t even dream up a better couple!

A big thing for Andrew’s family is restoring old tractors. They had about 5 different ones that we shot on and around!

Oh ya, they love cowboy boots :)

I’ll end with this one because I really think it shows their true personalities. I tell you, they are always laughing. Such a great thing :)